Extended Learning Initiative

The Extended Learning Initiative (ELI) coordinates and enhances educational opportunities for students at non-traditional times and locations. ELI strives to expand educational programs and services to students across DSU’s service area by offering flexible learning experiences on both accelerated and traditional schedules, including classes taken in cohorts in blended and online delivery formats. ELI offers approved DSU academic certificates and degrees focused on industry needs.

IT Certificate

Summer 2020:

IT 1100 (1st – 6 week block)

CS 1400 (1st – 6 week block)

IT 1200 (2nd – 6 week block)

IT 2400 (2nd – 6 week block)

WEB 1400 (12 week summer course or Prerequisite/fulfill following semester)

Math 1050(Prerequisite/fulfill following semester)



At the successful conclusion of this program, students will be able to:
1. Administer computing resources to support organizational needs, including networks and operating systems.
2. Identify and resolve technical problems using troubleshooting techniques.

Delivery: We will be offering cohorts at DSU Main Campus – North Plaza, Hurricane Education Center (HEC), and the Kanab Education Center (KEC). Many classes will be delivered online, blended, and broadcasted from the main campus or the HEC using interactive video conferencing (IVC) or Zoom. Fully online programs would include a weekly face to face component for cohort support, reflection, and industry integration. Planning will be made for remote learning for all students during the COVID -19 mandate.


Chris Gifford

Director of Hurricane and Kanab Centers

Email: cgifford@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-652-7912

Office: Hurricane Education Center

Sarah Strickley

Administrative Assistant

Email: sarah.strickley@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-652-7910

Office: Hurricane Education Center