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ALEKS (Math Placement)


DSU uses a program named ALEKS for helping students get caught up on math and for placement into math courses. Students must take an ALEKS test if their ACT or SAT score for Math did not meet the minimum score to enroll in a course. You can visit our Placement Requirements page for more information on scores. The ALEKS includes a built-in diagnostic feature to pinpoint areas of math strength and weakness. ALEKS software creates custom lessons based on the results of the diagnostic feature. Guided tutorials help students learn math at their own pace and from the location of their choice. Most students can expect to skip at least one course after reviewing with ALEKS. Students can use their DSU sign-on credentials to sign up for ALEKS here.


A 12-month ALEKS subscription costs $20 and includes diagnostic testing, structured remediation content, and practice content. When you are ready you can pay $10.00 to take a proctored version of the exam at the Testing Center for course placement.